Monday, October 13, 2008

Thanks for the Fuel

And thanks for the encouragement.
Council has, at least as recently as this spring used the office as a gateway to denouncing the role of women as equal partners in faith. They are much more subdued and generally like to make their pitch as a "this is what God mandates, it's not me you have issue with, it's God" type of argument. That is by any stretch a hard act to follow.
I have a litany (pun intended) of women that would do a wealth of service to God in a leadership role. I won't however speculate in the blog as this will muddy their waters for a later date. I would like to think that a regime change would do Exeter CRC well and that there will be little movement under the current totalitarian ministry of Harry Frielink. It was only in his "my way or the highway" style of church leadership that threw women out of the role as deacon. He in fact made it abundantly clear that women should have NO role in the church whether that be in the role of Sunday litany, deacon, elder or whatever he might perceive as being lorded over his head. The congregation was duped when he lied about his beliefs when first interviewed for the job and his hidden agenda to rid the church leadership of women was even more cleaverly buried. It worked Harry. You picked the right rural community to bring out the misogyny you have harboured for years.
So, let's discuss. The weather will be getting cold shortly. Not as cold as a women being nominated for office but cold non-the-less. It will be time to shimmy up to the computer and creating the balance and voice that women in Exeter will demand until a viable compromise is sought. Let's turn up the heat.

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