Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Council - demasculated and impotent

In response to C1's letter below it is apparent that Council has chosen the route of no problem will end in harmony. I'm sure that their burying their head in the sand has been their strategy hoping that we will go away.

Not so. It is time again to ramp up the rhetoric until they meet us and those who have left at the table and make an honest effort to deal with their problems. The power that Frielink pushes council is less than palatable. Deacons and elders have, as I have been told, are demasculated and now impotent in the Frielink regime. Exeter CRC looks like a train wreck just waiting to happen and no one is watching the signals. Harry has molded this underlings like sheep to the slauther.

Any comments on elders or deacons??????


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