Thursday, October 23, 2008

Multifaceted… to begin with anger

By Benita TUPCHONG a friend at UWO

Don't you get it
That I'm angry for a reason
And it doesn't just blow away like autumn leaves through the season
It's not something simple that you can just dismiss
And say, you'll make it better with a simple kiss
As a friend or foe
There's something you should know
That all my rants and the foundation of my stance
Are not a mere emotive wave that'll "come and go"
When you wholeheartedly believe in the goodness of a cause
It's because you've taken many moments to ponder in pause
There's definitely logic that's in tune with your brain
And the voice inside is so crisp it nearly drives you insane
I'm disappointed more than shocked
That you'd say something as such
To belittle a movement of justice
Because it's something of which you don't think much
Maybe the reason why you find it illegitimate
Is that you've unwittingly been caught up by the system
And as a result you've closed your mind
To no longer desire to listen
I almost want to turn my back to you
When you tell me things so presumptuous
As if you'd mastered the claims of this revolution
From a glimpse at a poster or a quick flick of the head over your shoulder
Well as much as we're inclined to make prejudgements
And define our surroundings by the fast images we see
When it comes to social issues
It's not black-and-white, or just some simple hierarchy
I know people say, follow your instincts
Hell, I do that sometimes myself
But instincts are, in fact, a manifestation
Of your underlying ideas of personal health
Just think for a second
About how much our strongholds guard us in
It's certainly okay to feel head-on about things
But when new chances or information is presented before us
You have to be conscious of the mind-filter you use to let that in
Multifaceted… to begin with anger
To truly embrace concepts seemingly foreign
We sometimes need to let go
Take a few steps back and undo the clasp
On our mental map so fresh ideas can flow
And then of course it's the sifting and simmering
Until it's boiled over inside
Which is where you realize
The things you've internalized
Et voila, there's an inherent structure you'll come to know.
I am a feminist, but not a man-hater
I'm pretty socialist, but still value independent strength
I am an activist, but there are many things about this world I love
I'm sort of an idealist, but only because you have to dream in order to know what for and why you're fighting
I am an environmentalist, but I occasionally use a paper cup
I am a writer, but don't necessarily express the whole spectrum of thoughts
I am frank and talkative, but still don't always say much
I am, on paper, a contradiction; but that's an indication of how multifaceted people are. So what really counts is not here,
but the person you know for yourself.

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