Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Council burying their promises with their talents

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The letter writer asks : " Why don't we hear from Council?"
It seems safe to say that a majority in council hopes this blog and discussion will disappear. Apparently it will not go away but we who are advocates for THE DISADVANTAGED ( which in Exeter CRC includes women) are looking for a decent , no name-calling, PUBLIC discussion. A presentation by a minister who believes men and women are equally gifted and are suitable for all offices in the church, whether ordained or not!
What happened to that promise given by Council a year ago at a congregational meeting. Is Council going back on that promise of equal representation and discussion of both pro and con women in office?
Let your yes be yes and your no , no........ total silence on Council's part is an insult to our belief and conviction! Not to mention breaking a promise on your part. Are you promise keepers or promise breakers?

It may be time to involve Classis, our attempts to communicate with Council have had no results or not even a response most of the time.
For shame!

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