Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Straw Vote or Stacked Deck

It is interesting that Council had chosen to "cast lots" for nominations for the role of deacon and elder. It is however a little stacked when you consider that they once again have chosen the bag of straws. This would have been a excellent time to put a list of all eligible men and women (for deacon) in the lot. At a time when they could have chosen pro-active affirmative action they decided again to close the door and ignore. I realize that there would be an element of relinguishing of control but wasn't that supposed to be the reason be begin with.

I wish to compile a list of all of the nominations for deacon and elder and get feedback on their views of women in office. From what I see so far it looks grim and stacked.

It is equally sad that Chairman Ken Boersma and Vice Chairman Tim DeWeerd didn't encourage council to seek at least a 50% nomination for deacons. Both of these gentlemen have been part of the process of weeding women out of the leadership roles of women, bolstering them for men and trying to move this church back to the subservient 50's. I wonder if women are equals at Pinder, Taylor, McNeilly, Godkin LLP, Chartered Accountants & Business advisor's in Exeter or at Quadro Communications in Kirkton. It is however fair game I suppose they won with battle to ensure that women could no longer participate in any leadership roles in our church. Thanks so much for rallying for the women guys.

So. Here is your job dear readers (and please do this soon) please send me an email to: joan_of_ark@live.ca I will keep you name and email anonymous but please provide a list and background of the candidates (or the current council members) so that we can do what council should have done in the first place. Given the congregation an opportunity to know who they are voting for. No tricks like when Rev. Frielink came to sell himself to our congregation. I.e. Making it sound like he could isn't crazy about women in office and never say to anyone that he couldn't serve with a female elder or minister. But. Yet in Ingersol a week or two before, he said he was able to and was forthright in this same context. This was the lie of omission. In fact, he should be dismissed for this type of activity.

I'm just ramping up for a large email readership blitz and would like Ontario, Canada and the United States to see what the Axis of Evil is doing to our once harmonious church.

Dear Hard-Liners - WE WANT IT BACK!

So. Get you list and let me know. I'm eager to post it.


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