Friday, May 9, 2008

Canditdates 101

Posted for reader;

Of the candidates, the one who stands out most is Harold Devries. His
letters to council is still fresh in my memory. It was very demeaning
and insulting to the council at that time. His portrayal of the Bible
in that women were totally inept, and only men were fit to rule. That
women being involved in a governing role has killed other churches,
that Satan is involved, that its the beginning of the slippery slope,
(gays next). Also an almost threatening nature with the future of
Eternal Life Video at stake and his job threatened. His son, Ron was
very upset by the attitude and had literally challenged council to
address the situation. (It didn't.) The scary part is that Harold was
nominated for the position with still two thirds of council in office
that read the letter and noted his almost fanatical attitude. Don't
kid yourself, the office of women in the deaconate is dying if not
already dead. We just haven't been issued the death certificate yet!
God bless your efforts, but I believe the Exeter CRC is drowning in
its own fear and blindness.

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