Monday, May 19, 2008

Comments on Comments and Impropriety

Annette asked if there was anything in the Exeter CRC bylaws that prohibit employees from serving in office. I certainly don't know if it does or does not. That does however bring up a good point. Perhaps someone could comment on that. There is however, something fundamentally wrong with being a paid member of an organization where they are permitted to vote on their own or a family member's contract, etc. It just doesn't seem right and the optics are TERRIBLE.

I opened this idea up after one reader suggested that it was unethical that members of Council, (and by way of his example, Rick Branderhorst sitting on the Building and Finance Committee and being present when his wife's wages (church secretary) were being negotiated) could have input and/or were being permitted to vote was improper.

I have to agree! I need a hand with this one. Anyone in the legal field out there able to help?


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