Saturday, March 29, 2008

Statistical Information

One reader asked if I could post some of the statistics for the site in addition to the counter.

Here are just a few of the rollup statistics.

These graphs show individual computers per day. If 4 people checked the site 5 times per day it would only count as one hit.

The first graph is January, then February and lastly and missing the last 5 days of March. It is interesting to see how the readership has gone up. The middle of March spike for a few days was the Vellinga debates and banter and the last spike is the Council Gate Affair.

The graph below shows where people have been checking the site from this week. There has been a sizable number of hits from universities across Canada and the United States, notably from Calvin College.

This is what the pinmap of North America looked like for this week regardless of the number of times they visited. The hits in southern Ontario is too congested.

If someone used a search engine such as Google to find our site the "search term" records the words the user used to arrive at the site. Again, this is just this week.

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Anonymous said...

Amazing statistics! Exeter has been put on the famous or infamous?( notorious)

The next minister who gets a call from Exeter CRC may be very afraid to come near us. Unless he/she appreciates a challenge.