Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Readers Plea for Support

Could you do a post asking the supporters of this blog to send us encouragement and show support for "women in office". I am thinking of all the christians who are checking this blog every day from other communities and could even have women in all offices in their church. I know it is something I long for and need and I am sure many othersdo too. It is a very difficult time for us here in the Exeter CRC and very little support. The blog is becoming very important to me and I amstarting to see it as a voice for us here. But to have others reach outand help us would be wonderful. I love the debates that are starting but to have someone say I understand what you are going through and ampraying for you would be so encouraging for us who are trying to staystrong in this church. Even some good advise as to how to bring about much needed changes would help us.


Anonymous said...

I check it every day. It is like the authors are putting my thoughts on paper. Keep up the good work.

Watching and waiting from Belleville

Exeter member said...

To "Belleville:"

How has your church (Maranatha, right) responded too this issue? I've heard that they have female lay-preachers or speakers there, but no female elders. Is there a similar struggle going on there?