Saturday, March 29, 2008

Article Post for Reader

I've been seriously thinking about the whole issue of women's place, particularly in the church as well as in other places and situations.

For those of us who read the blog regularly this is not new, but I've appreciated all the input and it has made me think about it all once again and made me see some aspect with new eyes. The comment by "lambda" displays the inconsistency of women voting in church matters and as he/she says " in most churches women outnumber men and so could have the deciding vote " .(paraphrase) Which made me consider all the ways in which a woman could teach (have authority?) over men , ages 14-18.

I would consider a 16-17 yr. old male a man. They're allowed to drive and participate in other adult activities, aren't they?

Not only are women teaching boys/men of that age group in churches, they also teach those men in high schools and when older, in colleges & universities.

To the parents who read this, isn't your son attending a Christian , Public or Roman Catholic High school where men and women both teach them?

Aren't your daughters and sons attending universities & colleges where both women & men teach? I know that our Christian institutions i.e. Redeemer, Calvin College, King's College in Edmonton and non-Christian institutions of higher education all employ professionals of both gender, rightly so. What's to stop us from applying the same principle to the positions in church? Or do you object to having your children taught by a female teacher or professor? Or do you differentiate between the teaching of the Bible(theology) and other subjects ? In a "religious" school all subjects are under the Lordship of Christ , so we are taught and we confess. The CRC also confesses that all of life is religious(in the broadest sense) and therefore not an inch shall be left out but is important to God and under his control. ( Kuyper paraphrased)

I am looking forward to a response.


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