Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Christian Reformed women clear leadership hurdle

A reader wished for me to remind the Blog of this story in Christian Week. Here it is. JofA


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Anonymous said...

Despite the solemn lifting of the Bible heavenward and the pronouncement that " the Word of the Lord will stand forever" we agree that is subject to different interpretations.To be consistent with one's interpretations is one thing. To be blind to one's glaring inconsistencies is another.

I understand that professing women members of the Exeter CRC have the right to vote on all matters pertaining to the life of the church, including the matter of calling a pastor/minister.

In today's churches women members almost invariably outnumber men. Theoretically then, the women members of Exeter CRC could determine by vote which pastor will serve their congregation.
Isn't that a glaring inconsistency?Or a beautiful irony?

Oh, you say that they are to ask their husbands? What about those women who do not have a husband?

Seriously, isn't council acting out of fear rather than from a sound mind? ( 2 Timothy 1:7) And speaking of Timothy: remember how HE came to the faith? More irony?