Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Why I Hate Religion - Mark Driscol

So, why do we as a church here in Exeter hate each other so much? (and believe you me from this vantage point it looks like hate). Perhaps we need to start with a new beginning. Why can't people on two sides of a theological debate (both claiming to be scripturally sound) find it difficult to talk to each other before and after church, during the week. How is it that non-members of the community can be friends while the "women in office side of the spectrum" are worthy to be walked passed unnoticed. Council has to do a bit of naval gazing but it is they who hold the purse strings of leadership in the church. Now is not the time for pride, now is the time for healing. Ask yourself, where will we be in 5 or 10 years. Are we still fighting over the same issues or have we moved on. How many people will find the church less relevant over that period of time. How many have stepped forward and offered an olive branch. Even in the Middle East they at least attempt to have peace talks. Where is the peace talks for the communion of the saints for the people of this church. How can one issue delve into the depths of Christian depravity. How are we perceived by other Christian Churches in the Town of Exeter?


Annette said... ask why people "hate" you. Hate might be too strong a term, but dislike of the situation perhaps. You post things such as how to fire your pastor. you accuse the consistory of naval gazing (when perhaps what they are doing is getting on with things since the congregation voted on it). You are not hated, you are tolerated.

What do you want as the end of all this? To just get your own way regardless? What respect are you paying to those on the other side of the fence? What are you bringing to the table? Seems rather one-sided to me. It appears to me that for you to have "peace" means we give in to you -- to say sure whatever, women in office, homosexuals in office,...sure whatever you want you got it -- all for the sake of what? peace? Unity?

But I have to ask...what will you give us for peace? Two-sides here folks. Two sides. Why do you expect us to do all the bending and giving?

What if some things are more important than peace and unity?

Anonymous said...

I think the question Joan is why do "we" (that would include both sides of the debate) hate each other so much. You have to read all the words Jim, I mean Annette, not just the ones you like.

Christian of course don't hate. They only dislike to the fullest extent.

I see you, like many who are against women in office are obsessed with homosexuals.

I like to say that I am against women in office and um, puppy stabbers.


Annette said...

You still didn't answer the question.

Annette said...

Though you do raise a good point F, with the whole why do "WE" hate each other so much. I do wonder at the vehemance expressed here sometimes. I do so apologize if any of my comments have been "hateful", that's not what I do. I don't hate folks who think differently than I do. I do hate the results of what happens sometimes, and I do hate it when people who claim to be Christian, aren't and all they do is try to cause division. That I find VERY bothersome and just calls out my need to pray all the more for them.

Anonymous said...

For the record Annette. I have never found any of your comments hateful. This was entirely directed at the attitude of people within our church and has nothing to do with you, Jim or the Bethel Church. Just wanted you to know.