Friday, December 26, 2008

Same God... Same Abuse

I guess it is just a matter of interpretation.


Anonymous said...

Don't give our Taliban any ideas. Harry would love to knock us back into the stone age!!

Anonymous said...

The book "Prisoner of Tehran" by Marina Namet is an eye opener for Westerners like comparison to how women are treated in the West. This book was written after the French-Canadian (born in Iraq) journalist Zharah Kazemi was killed in a prison in Tehran.

I am completely in favor of women as equals in all of society, whether that be in church, in the family , in business or any other workplace. But I wonder if it's fair to keep showing Muslim women who are often not even considered human by some men.
I don't think that's the situation in the West nor in the church.
Lets discuss women in church or elsewhere but in the USA/Canada because that is the issue, isn't it? Status & power is part of that.