Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Killing Me Softly........With his words.


Anonymous said...

the u-tube video seems fairly recent and yet not much has changed in regard to how women are portrayed in the media, overall!
The cartoon below looks like it was done in the 50's........we can only hope that men these days do participate fully in domestic chores etc. In my experience with my partner and sons this is the case!
Especially if both have full-time jobs, only fair, right?!!

Too bad some churches can't get with the program and live in the present age where women and men both are educated contrary to in the 50's when only men had that privilege.
In the workplace equality (salary among other rights)is expected if not mandated by law.How does the church get away with treating women like 2nd. class members?
Can someone answer this question?

Anonymous said...

It makes me sad that my sons and daughters do not see a positive image of women at Exeter CRC. They don't see women leading liturgy, preaching, collecting offerings, saying prayer. Yet, if we leave, who will change things? I want to be able to show them these things in our church and I want to change things.

In the way that we discuss media and the images it throws at us, we should also be discussing the Exeter CRC church and the images it is forcing upon our children, youth and young adults. It shouldn't be normal that only men pray at church, that only men read scripture in the sanctuary, that only men talk about God. My kids are growing up thinking that that is normal.

I, as a parent, have to already talk to my kids about how that is wrong. Show them and teach them that God made men and women equal. That God is sad when women cannot use their gifts in his house.

I liked this video because it is true and it is scary - it demands a reaction. It is already hard to raise our daughters with positive body images in society today. Why push them down again at church?

Anonymous said...

It is the subtle message of Council that counts. Words are powerful but the message of a woman's (or girl's) value is shown through Council's actions (or inaction as the case may be). True christian men wouldn't have allowed this situation to fester like a cancer. I too, will weather the storm because one day I know that they will repent of their sinful ways.