Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Welcome Back for Season Two

After a summer hiatus I am happy to announce that the blog is back in motion bringing the rights for the disadvantaged, the weak and the downtrodden (the things that Jesus would do) to the misogynist, Exeter CRC Council's attention. Please continue to email and sent your submissions.

If last season was an indicator of how this season will go we should see a widened audience while keeping the "Islamic jihadists" at bay. The Hank Den Hollanders, Mark Den Hollanders, Evert VanSligtenhorsts, Albert Hummels, Tim DeWeerds, Fred Nymans, Albert Mulder, the self acclaimed leader of the church Harry Frielink and the Ken Boersmas is be (again) our greatest customers. Thanks for your patronage. I especially appreciate (council's insider letters) your letters of support. This year as last will make sure that you anonymity is protected.

I see that the Exeter CRC site has been updated and lists Jennifer Branderhorst, her father and mother Henry and back door troll Sadie Post as well as Harold and Alida DeVries as "leaders" of the church. Wow. Of course the biggest picture was not of the biggest group but gee whiz, Harry Frielink. Go figure.

Church certainly took a dump on attendance for the summer and the outdoor service was a flop. But, then again the Exeter CRC is not really about getting new people to the church it is about self perpetuating the same people. Best, part was the holding onto the Ozzie and Harry(iette) show and holding onto 1950's values when you only have to convince your kids. Outreach has been reduced to an incestuous relaitonship. Kinfolk need only apply.

The finances are out of control but that often occurs when a preacher is not performing as a shepherd. You can't rule with an iron fist because the banging hand of irreligiousity is scaring the flock.

Welcome back.


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